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Why does GameChanger exist?

Many of the most interesting ideas may seem too risky for large energy companies to invest in. Yet some have great potential. As unusual ideas can exist anywhere, we seek out contributions from any innovator or creative community. We are ready to take a chance on you and to learn from failure along the way.

Why choose GameChanger?

Shell founded its GameChanger programme in 1996 and has long practised open innovation, inviting ideas from outside and working with others. The programme has been designed to prove the technical and commercial viability of an idea quickly and affordably. To date, GameChanger has worked with over 1,700 innovators and turned more than 100 ideas into reality – some with massive potential.

How can we work together?

Our team of professionals is ready to listen to your ideas, especially when they are unproven and unusual. We review your proposal and make a decision within just days. If your proposal meets our criteria, we will contact you straight away to discuss working together for success. Find more about the GameChanger step-by-step process.

The journey to success starts with you submitting your idea.

Discover more

We work with others within – and way beyond – the boundaries of our industry to spark new ideas and speed up their development and deployment. Our approach to open innovation has boosted exciting new developments.

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