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Dirk obtained a PhD in Mathematical Physics before teaching at the University of California, Berkeley, in the USA. He joined Shell in 1992 and his roles have included chief geophysicist for Shell UK and technology manager for Global Exploration. Currently he is Vice President of Exploration Technology.

Dirk also holds a visiting faculty position in the Earth Science department of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the USA and has a visiting professorship in Geoscience at the Chinese University of Petroleum in Beijing.

He was awarded the Ludwig Mintrop award in geophysics by the European Association of Geophysicists and Engineers in 2002.

He is a member of the National Research Council on Solid Earth Observations in the USA, the National Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter, and the Physics branch of Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research.

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Shell Chief Scientist for Geophysics, Dirk Smit, discusses how innovative technologies – sometimes developed in unusual R&D partnerships – help energy companies to explore for harder-to-find oil and gas resources.

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