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Carl is a leading innovator and authority on catalysis, central to many technical processes. His work with catalysts shows how long-term research can lead to the development of major new energy projects, such as Pearl GTL – and has even helped create the fuel for the first diesel-powered car to win Le Mans 24.

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Carl Mesters:

Shell Chief Scientist Chemistry and Catalysis talks about catalysis to produce novel transport fuels.

Date: 2007
Length: 3 min 29 sec


Carl Mesters on "Gas to liquids technology"

June 29, 2008 - Carl Mesters, Chief Scientist Chemistry & Catalysis for Shell, speaks about creating synthetic fuels from natural gas. This process is known as gas-to-liquids technology.

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Carl Mesters is a leading inventor of catalysts, which speed up chemical reactions in the making of everyday items.