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At the age of 14 Bruce knew he wanted to be – a geologist. This fascination for geology has driven not only his career choices but also occasionally the destination of his family holiday: for example, a round trip of Iceland in 2006, a crossing the Eastern Alps in Austria in 2007, and travelling to Namibia in 2008! He has seen how modern technology has dramatically increased understanding of what is below the Earth’s surface.

Video testimonial

Bruce Levell:

Shell Chief Scientist Geology talks about the challenges for a geologist in exploration and production.

Date: 2008
Length: 4:22

Bruce’s bookmarks

Visit Bruce’s favourite geology and astronomy websites.

A NASA website featuring a new image or photograph of our fascinating universe every day. Bruce uses this site as his home page and finds it “A truly great site with inspiring photographs including, from time to time, planetary geology.”

The earth observatory site provides satellite imagery, scientific information and surprising data about our planet.

What does a geologist do? What are meteorites? Geology.com is a good starting site to learn more about geology featuring a range of material including news, articles and teaching resources.

The Geological Society of London was founded in 1807 and is the oldest geological society in the world. Its website provides news, publications, photographs and teaching resources for geologists and everyone else interested in the field.

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iimagine applying space technology to areas where we have oil and gas

Bruce Levell, talks about how emerging technologies will help us find out more about what's happening underground: down where the oil and gas is. And how this information helps Shell make good business decisions:

24 Feb 2009 - Unearthing the secrets of old rock can help in the search for more oil and gas, says Shell Chief Scientist for Geology Bruce Levell.