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In his youth, Vianney built his own radio, launched a home-made rocket, and constructed his own telescope. Slowly his curiosity turned towards fundamental physics.

Vianney went on to obtain a PhD in Physics from Eindhoven University of Technology, before joining Shell Research & Development in the Netherlands.

That was almost three decades ago. Since then he has worked in a number of petroleum engineering, petrophysics and leadership roles in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and the Americas.

Currently he combines his position as Chief Scientist with Vice President of Computational Technologies, leading a global R&D team based at Shell Technology Centre Bangalore. He works on world-leading earth rock and algorithmic modelling projects and oversees the innovative Computational Science for Energy Research programme which will bring 75 PhD students from India to pursue R&D in The Netherlands and push the boundaries of computational science research.

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Shell Chief Scientist Petrophysics Vianney Koelman discusses using innovative fibre-optic technology to closely monitor underground oil and gas production and help boost oil and gas recovery.

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