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Gerald Schotman was appointed as Chief Technology Officer at Shell in 2009. His role is ensuring that Shell develops and implements the right technology to deliver our energy projects across the world.

Gerald was also appointed Executive Vice President Innovation/R&D during the same year, making him responsible for the technology strategy at Shell, as well as for the creation and development of new technologies.

He graduated as a Civil Engineer from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and joined Shell as a research engineer in 1985.

He has held technical and commercial positions and worked on assignments in the UK, Brunei and Oman before becoming Vice President Strategy within Exploration & Production.

Gerald is married with three sons and lives by the coast in the Netherlands.

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Shell’s Chief Technology Officer Gerald Schotman speaks about innovating for new solutions to fuel a world in motion. He provides numerous examples ranging from step-changes in exploration technologies, to unlocking the full potential of natural gas, to faster innovation from laboratory research to deployment in the field. All are ingredients of success for energy power-house Russia.

Shell’s Chief Technology Officer Gerald Schotman speaks about new frontiers, unusual collaborations, and the importance of geoscience innovation in discovering and developing more oil and gas to help meet rising global energy demand.
GEO 2012 Conference

Shell’s Chief Technology Officer Gerald Schotman talks about the world’s rising energy demand, the indispensible role of oil and gas, and the role of technology and project partnerships in helping develop more of these resources.
Featured at the International Petroleum Technology Conference, Bangkok.

Shell’s Chief Technology Officer Gerald Schotman talks about combining Shell’s capabilities with the expertise of its partners in driving technology development for the new energy future.


Gerald Schotman on "Natural gas for energy"

October 11, 2010 - Gerald Schotman, Chief Technology Officer for Shell talks about the role of natural gas in his company’s future.

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18 Dec 2009 - Gerald Schotman, Shell Chieft Technology Officer, talks about his vision of technology.