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Jose is a world-renowned expert in separation technology, vital in producing oil and gas. He is developing new equipment for refineries, chemical plants and gas operations and sees part of his role is to champion technological excellence.

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Jose Bravo:

Shell Chief Scientist Separations talks about separations to produce cleaner fuels.

Date: 2007
Length: 2 min 45 sec


Jose Bravo on "Powering the cars of the future"

June 25, 2009 - Chief Scientist Separations, Jose Bravo, speaks about the diverse range of cars and fuels that could be part of our future.

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Webcast with Jose Bravo, Shell Chief Scientist Separations, on meeting new specifications and using new sources, August 18, 2006
Jose Bravo, Shell Chief Scientist Separations, talks about the hunt for fuels of the future: