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Yuri Sebregts

Executive Vice President Innovation and R&D and Chief Technology Officer Shell


Unusual innovation for the future

Shell Chief Scientists discuss extraordinary and unusual innovative solutions being developed to meet future energy needs. Watch the video.

Driving innovation to supply energy for the future

Shell Chief Scientists discuss major challenges and the latest technical developments in their areas of expertise – and how to drive innovation forward. Watch the video.

Shell Chief Scientists

Jose Bravo

Chief Scientist Thermodynamics and Separations

Lance Cook

Chief Scientist Well Engineering & Production Technology

John M. Karanikas

Shell Chief Scientist Reservoir Engineering

Vianney Koelman

Shell Chief Scientist Petrophysics

Carl Mesters

Shell Chief Scientist Chemistry and Catalysis

Joe Powell

Shell Chief Scientist Chemical Engineering

Dirk Smit

Shell Chief Scientist Geophysics

Wolfgang Warnecke

Shell Chief Scientist Mobility

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