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Worker at Harweel facility, in Oman.

Industry recovers an average of around 35% of oil from reservoirs. The rest remains trapped in the rock. Boosting oil recovery could unlock around 300 billion barrels of oil, according to the International Energy Agency.


The right mix to get more out

Learn more about how advanced technologies can help energy companies to boost production from aged fields, with the injection of steam, chemicals and gas.

Making the most of resources

Using enhanced oil recovery (EOR), we try to get more oil out of existing reservoirs. See how Shell used EOR to help meet consumers' growing need for energy.

Here comes the sun

Solar power is being harnessed for a surprising new use in sun-splashed California and Oman: producing oil. Mirrors focus the sun’s rays, creating heat to boil water.

Giving a giant oilfield a steam bath

After a break of 15 years, Schoonebeek, one of north-west Europe’s largest onshore oilfields, is back on-stream thanks to technological advances and human resourcefulness.

Gaining from a low-salt diet

A little less salt could help us flush out more oil from existing fields

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