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Unlocking energy in the freezing, pitch-black waters kilometres below the ocean’s surface is a major technical challenge. Advanced technologies are also needed at the surface, where sea swell and storms hamper production platforms. But the vast resources of oil and gas that lie here hold great potential for supporting economic growth and helping to meet the world’s growing energy needs. 

Unlocking energy from deep water

Vast supplies of oil and natural gas kilometres below the ocean’s surface have the potential to boost economic growth and play a vital role in the future energy mix.

Safety in deep water

Kilometres below the ocean’s surface we apply strict safety procedures and rigorous standards to our operations adapted to meet unique challenges.

Deep-water surveillance

A dedicated team of specialists monitors Gulf of Mexico projects around the clock.

Deep-water technologies

Immense pressure, freezing water and darkness demand technical advances to produce energy at extreme depths.

Drillships, the next generation

New fuel-efficient ships help enhance safety and productivity.

Working with local communities

We work with people living closest to our deep-water projects to address any concerns and share the benefits of our operations.

Respecting the natural environment

We are taking steps to limit the impact of our operations on marine life and supporting conservation efforts.

Deep-water stories

Discover whales’ navigational powers, dive deep below a platform, and see how fishermen boost their income as trained welders.

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