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We support community development projects directly, as well as indirectly through the independent Shell Foundation. Our aim is to work with communities to understand local needs and address social or economic issues relevant to our business, such as access to energy, enterprise development and road safety. Many of the programmes we support aim to be self-sustaining, for example by helping young people to set up businesses or providing training for jobs. Our staff contribute by volunteering on social and environmental projects around the world.


Enterprise development: Supporting new businesses

Shell LiveWIRE helps young entrepreneurs turn bright ideas into a long-term source of income.

Access to energy: Bringing a brighter future

We work to help some of the poorest families cook in a cleaner and more efficient way and supply affordable electricity to Nigerian homes and businesses.

Road safety: Helping local communities stay safe on the road

Driving simulators and increased public awareness are two approaches to help encourage safer behaviour behind the wheel.

Health: Boosting care in communities

We bring medical services to communities without access to health care near to our operations.

Education: Inspiring a new generation

For bright students in Nigeria scholarships provide a stepping stone to a better future, while a unique circus brings science alive for Australian schoolchildren.

Environment: Keeping the natural balance

Artificial reefs provide a new home for oysters in the USA, while the public votes for environmental projects in Canada.

Volunteering: Hands-on help to safeguard the planet

Our staff support research projects, such as the impact of deforestation in Borneo, and share their business expertise with World Heritage Site managers around the world.

Disaster relief: An immediate response for communities in crisis

We support the rebuilding of homes and businesses across the world in the wake of tornadoes, earthquakes and floods.