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We carry out impact assessments before making any major change to an existing operation or starting a new project. This includes listening to the local community as part of considering potential positive and negative effects of a project and we can adapt its design if appropriate. At every review stage of the project we consider environmental, social and health impact assessments – in consultation with local communities – as we decide how, or whether to, move ahead.

Social performance

All our major projects and facilities must have a social performance plan, designed to help assess and limit the social impacts of our operations.

When we develop new projects, or plan an expansion to an existing facility, we work closely with local communities to better understand their needs and expectations.

We continue to enhance the skills of our staff who work directly with communities, for example, by providing them with adequate tools, including a worldwide exchange programme that allows them to share their experiences and boost their skills.

We employ specialists in environmental and social performance who work closely with business managers at our most complex projects.

Our own social performance professionals support staff in positions such as refinery managers and major project leaders. We also work closely with external experts. In China, for example, we work with the Environmental Protection Bureau in Sichuan to measure and reduce noise levels from our operations.

We are deploying grievance procedures at most projects and facilities. These procedures help us understand the issues affecting our neighbours and the best way to resolve complaints.

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