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Discussions at the Al Mirqab offices,

Discussions at the Al Mirqab offices, Ras Laffan, Qatar

We provide training on our Business Principles for new staff and for those moving to new positions.

Our Code of Conduct informs staff how to apply our Business Principles, including respect for the human rights of our employees and support for human rights in line with the legitimate role of business.

We train individuals on how to comply with the code and we offer on-line human rights training.

We provide more intensive training in operational areas that have poor human rights records.

We have, for example, worked with the Danish Institute for Human Rights to train over 5,900 staff and contractors in Nigeria since 2005 in managing difficult situations, like responding to conflict in local communities.

With CLEEN Foundation a leading Nigerian NGO we are also training security staff on our security standards.

Tools and guidelines

We provide a training supplement called Human Rights Dilemmas to help managers to understand their responsibilities and take action to support human rights.

Human Rights Dilemmas - A Training Supplement (PDF, 246 KB)


Our work with the Danish Institute for Human Rights has helped us to understand and address the human rights risks we face when entering or operating in politically sensitive countries and regions.

The institute’s country risk assessments compare local laws and practices with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and more than 80 other international treaties.

It identifies the main risk areas in a country, like labour rights for foreign labourers or the behaviour of security forces.

Companies can use the tool to test the procedures and practices they have in place for respecting these rights and work to close any gaps.

We began working with the Human Rights Compliance Assessment tools in 2001.

The tools complement existing risk processes and provide systematic measuring and monitoring of human rights risks.

They also raise awareness among our staff and help them to develop their skills, making it easier to enter into external dialogue.

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