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Around 33 million people are living with HIV/AIDS worldwide, according to UNAIDS. Since the beginning of the epidemic, about 30 million people have died of HIV related causes. This global epidemic affects our employees, contractors, suppliers and customers and impacts on our business environment. We are taking steps to protect our employees and their families from HIV/AIDS, to care for those infected, and are working with partners to fight the spread of HIV.

Our HIV/AIDS programme

Our company-wide HIV/AIDS programme states that we will not discriminate against anyone affected by HIV/AIDS. The programme also includes providing or arranging medical treatment for employees affected by HIV/AIDS, as well as participating in education and prevention programmes for employees, their families and communities.

We aim to create ongoing partnerships with relevant local and global organisations and other companies to fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic together in the communities where we operate and sell our products and services. We include HIV/AIDS in our impact assessments and have a monitoring programme in place to measure the progress of our efforts.

Working with partners

We belong to existing global partnerships and develop local partnerships in the regions and countries where we operate.

Our global partnerships to fight HIV/AIDS include:

UNAIDS scenarios development: We shared our scenario expertise to help understand and address the challenge of AIDS in Africa over the next 20 years, in partnership with UNAIDS.

We developed three possible scenarios which demonstrate the need for everyone to work together in tackling the challenges.

The project documents and material are available through the UNAIDS website.

Global business coalition on Health (GBC Health): Over 200 companies – including Shell – are working together to help combat the AIDS epidemic.

The coalition, for example, uses an interactive company case studies database to share of learning and best practice.

Visit the GBC website to learn what Shell and other companies are doing to fight HIV/AIDS in different regions.

Our local partnerships to fight HIV/AIDS include the Niger Delta AIDS Response (NiDAR).

Visit the FHI Nigeria and SPDC websites to learn more about what NiDAR is achieving.

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