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Operating in politically sensitive countries often raises challenges related to human rights, security and environmental issues. They can also involve bribery and corruption, standards of governance and application of international law.

Shell has also signed up to the Voluntary Commitment for Security and Human Rights whereby all of Shell’s global security staff are required to a set of strict Human Rights guidelines. We include the principles in our private security contracts and in our engagements with public security forces. This is in addition to acting in accordance to local and international law.

Our approach to politically sensitive regions

Shell staff at Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Shell staff at Port Harcourt, Nigeria

We apply our Business Principles in all countries in which we operate.

Our company-wide security manuals set requirements for how we keep our people and facilities safe, and respect the human rights of our neighbours.

We use armed security, for example, only when required by law or where there is no other acceptable way to manage security risks.

We abide by international law.

When the international community imposes sanctions on a country, usually in the case of wars or human rights abuses, we respect this.

We did not, for example, operate in Iraq when it was under UN sanctions.

When individual countries impose broad sanctions or specific export restrictions in countries where we operate we review our activities and follow external developments closely in consultation with governments and others.

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