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Shell does not accept the direct or indirect offer, payment, soliciting or acceptance of bribes in any form. The Group’s anti-bribery commitment is long standing. Business integrity has been an integral part of Shell’s General Business Principles since 1976 and we have reinforced it internally ever since.

Our staff, contractors and suppliers

We launched the Shell-wide Code of Conduct in 2006 to help staff to apply our Business Principles. It defines the basic rules, standards and behaviours for Shell employees.

Our major contracts include requirements to follow our Business Principles, Code of Conduct and HSSE standards.

All our staff are required to complete Code of Conduct training and further training is available on other compliance topics. We also help contractors and suppliers to understand and meet the requirements.

Reporting violations

The Shell Global Helpline is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week through a local telephone number in each country or through the internet.

It allows employees and business partners to seek advice and report concerns anonymously and in their own language, about potential incidents of bribery and fraud or other violations of our Code of Conduct and Business Principles.

We report a summary of all helpline allegations and significant Code of Conduct violations to the Audit Committee of the Board of Royal Dutch Shell plc.

In 2012, 209 violations of the Code of Conduct were reported and we ended our relationship with 93 staff and contractors.

Competition laws

We aim to do business fairly, ethically and in accordance with applicable competition laws which prohibit practices like price-fixing and market sharing.

Our Code of Conduct makes it clear that any violation of the rules will result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

We have been running a training programme since the early 1990s to raise awareness and help employees follow competition laws.

As part of our global antitrust compliance programme anyone in contact with competitors, suppliers or business customers must undertake training.

We monitor all the countries in which we trade and report publicly where we have been found guilty by any Competition Authority of having violated competition law.