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The Safety podcast has been created in collaboration with EarthSky Inc.
The audio content is available for download to your computer or portable player.

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Arjan van Dijk on “12 lifesaving rules”

December 13, 2010
Arjan van Dijk, Shell Vice President for Safety, explains Shell’s 12 simple rules designed to keep all its staff and contractors safe.


Mark Byrd on "safety leadership in oil and gas production"

December 6, 2010
Mark Byrd, Shell HSSE Vice President Downstream Manufacturing, says Shell expects all its staff to be safety leaders. He describes how the oil and gas industry deals with risks that can affect people and property and outlines some of Shell’s strategies for keeping its employees safe.


Mike Watson on "avoiding risks on the road"

November 22, 2010
Mike Watson, Shell Road Safety Manager, talks about cutting journeys, training drivers and clamping down on speeding as some of the ways to improve road safety worldwide.


Natalie Salter on "managing hazards with process safety"

November 15, 2010
Natalie Salter, Shell safety engineer, talks about the processes in place to deal with a fire or explosion during oil and natural gas production.


Sipke Mennes on "the safety of large crews of workers on an industrial construction project"

November 8, 2010
Sipke Mennes was senior Health Safety and Environment advisor at the Shell Eastern Petrochemicals Project, Singapore. More than 55.000 people from over 20 countries worked on the project – Sipke had to keep them safe.


Steve Beckett on "keeping people safe in their hazardous workplaces"

November 1, 2010
Steve Beckett, Shell Behavioural Safety Manager, talks about working together to create a safety culture.


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