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Truck driver

Many of the road safety programmes introduced over the last few years are starting to show results. In a number of places we have fitted vehicles with onboard monitoring systems. The system lets us track behaviour directly and gives drivers detailed feedback on ways to improve their driving habits. We have already seen compliance with our road safety standards improve as a result.

As part of our global approach we provide training for defensive driving, securing loads safely, avoiding fatigue at the wheel and preventing vehicle rollovers.

A number of our big construction projects have successfully reduced the amount of travel needed. One way is to provide accommodation on the project site is one way, as we did during construction at the Singapore chemical complex expansion.

Bussing in workers to reduce car journeys, as our oil sands and Pearl GTL projects do is another way. Using water or rail to get trucks off the road is a third way.

We are learning from these successes and spreading their use more widely across Shell. We have created a dedicated centre of road safety expertise. It is headed by a company-wide road safety manager charged with implementing a standardised Shell-wide road safety programme, based on what we have seen work well locally.

The centre also supports the implementation of our company-wide road safety standards which cover areas such as route planning, driver training and banning all use of mobile phones.

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