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Shell truck in Cape Town, South Africa

Getting road safety right has long been a priority –and a serious challenge. Shell staff and contractors drive almost 1 billion kilometres each year, around 70 times around the globe every day. We are making progress through our company-wide road safety standards and proactive driver safety programmes. We are also working in partnerships to help set industry standards, as well as to pool skills and resources.

Improving road safety

Road safety is a priority for us and we have introduced a number of programmes to help keep drivers safe.

Road safety in the community

We work with others to help set industry standards and share resources as part of our efforts to reduce road incidents.

Helping Iraqi school children stay safe

Teachers and volunteers work to reduce road accidents in southern Iraq.

A safe road home

See how our concerted safety effort in Malaysia is helping tanker drivers to go home safely each day, and inspiring others.

A global drive for safer roads

Most of us rely on driving to work, shop and travel. But we must limit the serious safety risks it can pose.

Staying safe on China’s roads

To help government road safety efforts, one film director moved by personal tragedy made a hard-hitting film for Shell.

Simple safety steps save lives

Meet a former service station retailer in India who has helped keep people safe on the road, thanks to approaches developed by Shell for its own drivers.