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Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities

The World Bank and Asia Development Bank set up this initiative to help improve local air quality in Asia’s fast-growing megacities. We have been working with government, industry and community groups as they define air quality specifications since Shell joined in 2002.


Earthwatch is an international environmental NGO that engages people in the scientific research and education needed to help protect natural resources.

Through the Project Better World programme we encourage Shell staff to take part in Earthwatch research projects around the world.

We also support a biodiversity research project with Earthwatch scientists in Danum Valley, Malaysia.

Shell is funding the Business Skills for World Heritage programme together with Earthwatch and the UNESCO World Heritage Centre over the period of 2009-2013.

Each year the programme selects Shell staff to help UNESCO World Heritage site managers improve their business skills and better manage natural areas.

Energy and Biodiversity Initiative (EBI)

Bringing energy companies and conservation organisations together to develop and promote best practice for integrating biodiversity conservation into oil and gas development.

European Round Table of Industrialists

This informal forum brings together around 45 leaders of major multinational companies covering a range of industry and technology sectors.

Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)

The EITI advocates company transparency on the oil and mineral revenues they pay to host governments and encourages governments to manage revenues well. G8 leaders support the initiative and we have been an active members from the start.

Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership (GGFRP)

We are a founding member of  this partnership, set up by the World Bank to support national governments and the oil industry in reducing flaring and the controlled release, or venting, of gas. We have provided funding and expertise, and we promote the global gas flaring and venting reduction standard.

Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP)

Under the partnership we provide support to the global road safety initiative. This programme to improve road safety around the world is now entering its second five-year phase and will run from 2010-2014.

International Association of Oil & Gas Producers

Members of this group produce more than half the world's oil and a third of its gas. It represents the interests of the upstream industry before international regulators and legislators.

We are a member of the management committee and contribute to working committees, including those for environmental quality and health.

International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

We are a member of several ICC Commissions including business in society, competition, environment and energy and tax.

International Emissions Trading Association (IETA)

The association promotes emission trading systems as a way of tackling address climate change. Our climate change advisor is Vice President of IETA.

International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA)

The association aims to develop and promote innovative, economic, and socially acceptable solutions to sustainability issues in the oil and gas industry. We are a board member and contribute to working groups on topics ranging from health, to climate change and social performance.

International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

IUCN is the world’s largest and longest-standing global environmental network. We signed a new four-year collaborative agreement with the IUCN in December 2013 to continue to work together on specific projects related to biodiversity conservation.

OECD Business and Industry Advisory Council

We support this committee, the official representative of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) business community.

Renewable energy and efficiency partnership

A coalition of governments, businesses and other organisations working to develop renewable and energy efficiency systems.

The Oil Companies International Marine Forum

A voluntary association of oil companies with the mission of being the foremost authority on the safe and environmentally responsible operation of oil tankers and terminals.

United Nations Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles

We support this partnership through the IPIECA , helping developing countries to reduce traffic air pollution – for example, removing lead from fuel in sub-Saharan Africa in 2006.

Wetlands International (WI)

WI is the only global NGO dedicated to conserving and sustainably managing wetlands.

We signed a partnership in 2008 to work together on wetland conservation and public awareness programmes.

World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Around 200 companies belong to the association that focuses on business and sustainable development. Our climate change advisor is a member of its energy and climate focus area.