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Our Commitment and Policy on Health, Safety, Security, the Environment (HSSE) & Social Performance (SP) gives the common value statements and broad goals in these areas. It includes our aim to do no harm to people, to protect the environment and to contribute to the societies where we operate. Our mandatory standards and accompanying manuals support these goals.

Control framework

We launched our new HSSE & SP Control Framework in 2009. It contains the environmental and social requirements that apply to every Shell company, as well as joint ventures where we have operational control.

Control framework

The framework covers 11 areas:

• contractor HSSE management

• environment

• health

• HSSE & SP management systems

• personal safety

• process safety

• transport

• product stewardship

• projects

• security

• social performance

It contains a simplified set of mandatory standards that define high level HSSE and SP principles and expectations.

A supporting set of manuals help our staff to put the mandatory standards into practice. The manuals include all of the HSSE and SP requirements we have followed in the past, such as our industry-first biodiversity standard.

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