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Energy is vital to daily life – it keeps our world moving and provides access to essentials like clean water, food and health care. Over the coming decades, populations and living standards for many will rise – and so will the need for energy. To help meet tomorrow’s energy needs, Shell is working responsibly today.

Our approach to sustainability starts with running a safe, efficient, responsible and profitable business. We also work to share benefits with the communities where we operate. And we’re helping to shape a more sustainable energy future, by investing in low-carbon technologies and collaborating with others on global energy challenges.

Sustainability at Shell

We are working responsibly today to help meet tomorrow’s energy needs.

Governance, controls and assurance

We expect every Shell company to follow our environmental and social standards and practices when operating.

Commitments, standards and manuals

Shell promotes core values of honesty, integrity and respect for people. These values are supported by a set of company-wide commitments, standards and requirements.

Working with others

We work with governments, energy producers, consumers and local communities to address concerns about our operations and to work on wider environmental and social issues.

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