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Workers in biofuels field

We are building our capacity in today’s biofuels and working to make them more sustainable. We have moved into the large-scale production of biofuels through Raízen, a joint venture to produce biofuels from sugar cane in Brazil. Raízen is one of the world’s largest producers of sugar-cane ethanol: in 2014 it produced more than 2 billion litres of low-carbon biofuel from Brazilian sugar cane. We are also developing advanced biofuels from non-food sources which have the potential to offer fewer CO2 emissions and can be blended in higher proportions with petrol and diesel than today’s biofuels.


We produce low-carbon biofuels: ethanol from Brazilian sugar cane.

Shell and advanced biofuels

We are developing biofuels from new sources using advanced conversion processes.

Biofuels and sustainability

We work to ensure that the biofuels we purchase have been produced in a sustainable way.

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