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Watch the animation "More energy, less CO2?"

Meeting growing energy demand while limiting CO2 emissions is a global challenge. See how the world can make choices now to help achieve it.

More natural gas for electricity generation

Providing more natural gas for electricity generation to help meet rising energy demand with lower CO2 emissions.

Biofuels and alternative transport fuels

Developing low carbon alternatives for road transport.

Carbon capture and storage

Helping to advance technologies that capture CO2 and store it safely underground.

Energy efficiency in our own operations

Investing in multi-billion dollar energy-efficiency programmes in our operations.

Helping customers to use less energy

Offering customers more energy-efficient fuels and lubricants, as well as driver coaching to help save fuel.

Greenhouse gas emissions

Reporting greenhouse gas emissions from the facilities we operate.

Perspectives on climate change

David Hone is Shell’s Chief Climate Change Adviser, who writes a regular blog since 2008 and recently published his first eBook.

Urging action on climate change

Shell’s Chief Climate Change Adviser David Hone describes the challenge of bringing man-made emissions down to zero, and what will happen if the world fails to act.