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Each participating team is asked to submit one infographic prior to arriving at the mileage challenge. Each team must submit their infographic in PDF format by 5:00pm Central European Time on May 3, 2013. The file needs to be uploaded in the off-track award section on your Phase 2 roadmap.


Rules of entry include:

  1. Each team is required to submit one infographic; multiple entries per team are allowed.
  2. Your infographic must respond to at least one of the questions listed in Section F below. However, you may choose to address more than one of the questions in a single infographic if you wish. Also you may choose to link your ideas with your Shell Eco-marathon project as long as your input still adheres to the criteria listed below.
  3. Your infographic should include graphics and illustrations that communicate your response. There is no word limit but responses should be image-led.
  4. The images and/or graphics used should be suitable for viewing by the general public. That means they should not be controversial, political in nature or potentially disturbing/offensive.
  5. Entries must be submitted electronically in PDF format. They can be either portrait or landscape in layout. The file needs to be uploaded in the off-track award section on your Phase 2 roadmap.
  6. All submissions must fit on standard A4 paper size (8” x 11”).
  7. All materials should be original: plagiarism is not allowed. We want you to present your ideas and not those of someone else.


Once submitted, all entries will first be judged by a committee within Shell that includes a variety of communications and future of energy experts. This committee will narrow all of the infographic submissions down to the top 10–15. The top 10–15 submissions will then be judged by the Expert Panel, who will select the top two winning entries. The Expert Panel is comprised of:

  • Herbert Heitmann, Executive Vice President External Communications, Royal Dutch Shell Plc
  • Simon Saville, Vice President CX Productions, Royal Dutch Shell Plc
  • Daniel Kammen, National Geographic Society Fellow and distinguished Professor of Energy at the University of California, Berkeley, in the Energy and Resources Group. Kammen has authored or co-authored 12 books and has written more than 240 peer-reviewed journal publications.
  • Johan Rockström, Executive Director, Stockholm Resilience Centre. Rockström is internationally recognized on global sustainability issues. He is a strategist on how resilience can be built into land regions which are short of water, and has published over 100 papers in fields ranging from practical land and water use to global sustainability. Rockström will also be a speaker at the Powering Progress Together event hosted in connection with the Shell Eco-marathon Europe.

Judges will use this document to review each entry. This is consistent with other Shell Eco-marathon ‘off-track’ awards.

People’s Choice Prize

The top 5 entries will be on display in the Shell Energy Lab where the expected 40,000 visitors are asked to vote on their entry of choice.

The winners will be announced during the Shell Eco-marathon Europe Awards Ceremony on Sunday, May 19.

The criteria that the judging panel will use to assess each entry will include:

  1. Does the infographic demonstrate a clear and comprehensive understanding of the complex issues surrounding the global energy challenge?

  2. Does the infographic show an understanding of the specific question(s) chosen?
  3. Does the entry use factually correct data and information that has been independently researched and resourced?
  4. How clearly and compellingly does the infographic articulate a point of view in relation to the chosen question(s)?
  5. Has the team drawn its own conclusions on the issue and are these well-reasoned and thorough?
  6. Does the entry provide solutions that show evidence of a deep understanding of the issue(s)?
  7. Does the response demonstrate creative, ‘out of the box’ thinking.
  8. How creatively has the team represented their response using the infographic format? Have they used graphics and illustrations to tell an impactful story?
  9. Is the infographic aesthetically appealing and does it effectively visualize the team’s understanding of the broader energy landscape and the world’s future energy challenge?


Your effort will be recognised through three prizes at Shell Eco-marathon Europe:

This will include:

  • First prize: €3,000 and a trophy
  • Second prize: €2,000 and a trophy
  • People’s Choice prize: €1,000 and a trophy

Some of the winning entries will also be featured on the Shell global Facebook page and on the National Geographic/Shell Great Energy Challenge website. Additionally, the Top 5 entries will be shown to 500 participants of the Powering Progress Together forum on May 15 at Shell Eco-marathon.