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The prize will judge the most creative infographic that visually communicates your views on one of the three energy-related questions provided (see below). Each participating team is required to submit one infographic prior to arriving at the mileage challenge.


To participate, you must choose at least one of the following questions to answer:


Question one:

By the year 2050, the earth’s population is expected to exceed nine billion people and the demand for energy is expected to triple. What does the global energy mix look like in the year 2050?


Question two:

Awareness of the complex relationship between food, water and energy has grown in recent years. In the coming decades population growth and economic prosperity will continue to put pressure on these resources. How exactly are food, water and energy interconnected and what challenges are we, as a society, likely to experience if we do not address the pressures on these interconnected resources?


Question three:

Today, 50% of the world’s population lives in cities and cities are responsible for 80% of all CO2 emissions. By 2050, it is expected that three in every four people on earth will live in a city. What are some of the most effective ways that cities can become more energy efficient while at the same time reducing CO2 emissions?

Remember, we are looking to see how well you understand the question that you have chosen and how creative you have been in responding to it.

Entry details

For the 2013 edition and future editions, this new award will be really important. So in 2013, submitting an entry for this new prize will be required in order to not only participate but also compete for all trophies, prizes and awards of the Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2013. Each participating team is asked to submit one infographic prior to arriving at the mileage challenge. Each team must submit their infographic in PDF format by 5:00pm Central European Time on May 3 2013. The file needs to be uploaded in the off-track award section on your Phase 2 roadmap.

We believe that this format will help each school answer the question to the best of their ability and instead of asking you to compose lengthy written responses, the infographic should be predominantly image-led.

Remember we want to see your creativity as well as your understanding of the energy challenge – so think carefully about which graphics or pictures best showcase your answer.

If your team has additional questions, you can contact the Shell Team Liaison via shell-eco.marathon@shell.com.