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For Shell Eco-marathon Americas, each school must submit their infographic in PDF format by 5:00 pm Central Standard Time on April 1, 2013 to



Specific rules of participation include:

  1. Schools are strongly encouraged to submit at least one infographic; multiple entries per school are allowed.
  2. Your infographic must respond to at least one of the questions listed. However, you may choose to address more than one of the questions in a single infographic if you wish.
  3. Your infographic should include graphics and illustrations that communicate your response. There is no word limit but responses should be image-led.
  4. The images and/or graphics used should be suitable for viewing by the general public. That means they should not be controversial, political in nature or potentially disturbing/offensive.
  5. Entries must be submitted electronically in PDF format. They can be either portrait or landscape in layout.
  6. All submissions must fit on standard A4 paper size (8” x 11”).
  7. No plagiarism will be tolerated.


All entries will first be judged by a committee within Shell that includes variety of communications and future of energy experts. The top 15 entries selected by this committee will then be sent through a second review by a panel of experts comprised of:

  • Bruce Culpepper, Executive Vice President Human Resources and Regional Coordination, Shell Americas
  • Niel Golightly, Vice President, Communications, Shell Oil Company
  • Daniel Kammen, National Geographic Society Fellow and Co-Director, Berkley Institute of the Environment and Founding Director, Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory

The judges will evaluate if the infographic demonstrates a clear, comprehensive and creative understanding of the complex issues surrounding the global energy challenge. The judges will use this document to review each entry. This is consistent to other Shell Eco-marathon 'off-track'  awards.

The top 10 – 15 entries will be on display in the paddock during Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2013. The winners will be announced during the Shell Eco-marathon Americas awards ceremony on Sunday, April 7.

More details on the judging criteria can be found on the Student Energy Challenge toolkit.


Your effort will be recognized through fourth prizes at Shell Eco-marathon Americas:

  • First prize: $5,000 and a trophy
  • Second prize: $3,000 and a trophy
  • Third prize: $2,000 and a trophy
  • Fourth prize: $1,000 and a trophy

In addition, some infographics may be selected and featured at the mileage competition in the exhibit or paddock space. Other entries will also be featured on the Shell global Facebook page and on the National Geographic/Shell Great Energy Challenge website.