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As a result of the circumstances around the cancellation Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2013, please see below updated information regarding some of the most frequent questions received by the organising team:

Travel allowances to Shell Eco-marathon 2013
Travel allowances will be disbursed via telegraphic transfer starting next month. It will include off-track awards prize money (where applicable) and the ex gratia amount*.


Off-track awards

  • Five off-track awards continue as planned: Technical Innovation, Design, Eco-friendly Design, Communications, and the Shell Helix Tribology. Prize money from the other off-track awards will be redistributed among these categories.
  • The Shell Student Energy Challenge will also be judged and winners will be announced during the week commencing 15th July 2013.
  • Winners will receive the prize money with their travel allowance.
  • Individual arrangements will be made with the winners for trophy presentation/collection/shipment.


2013 Off-track awards Winners:
1. Design award:

Team iTErbo III from Institute of Technical Education, Singapore.
2. Eco-friendly Design award: USM EVT from Universiti Sains, Malaysia.
3. Communications award: DLSU Eco-car Team Ice from De La Salle University, Philippines.
4. Technical Innovation award: Team Aguila from Mapua Institute of Technology, Philippines.
5. Shell Helix Tribology award: Team ITS Team 2 from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Indonesia.


Certificate of recognition
A Certificate of Recognition will be awarded to the teams and team members who were selected for 2013 and had confirmed their participation up until 25 June. All certificates will be mailed to your teacher/advisor next month.


*Ex gratia sum
An ex gratia sum of US$1,000 will be given as a goodwill gesture to teams that were selected for 2013 and had confirmed their participation up until 25 June 2013. It will be paid out with your travel allowance.


Freight costs to return cars from Kuala Lumpur
For teams whose cars have arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Shell will fund the freight cost to return your cars back to the place of origin. This includes local clearance, local handling fee, vehicle approved permit fee, and temporary import and bond fees.


Guaranteed selection for Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2014

  • Teams that were selected in 2013 and had confirmed attendance up until 25 June 2013, will have guaranteed entry for Manila 2014, without a re-evaluation of their technical proposals.
  • Valid only if the team re-enter their 2013 technical proposal/car.
  • Teams must register and re-submit their technical details according to specific deadlines for 2014.
  • Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2013 Rules, Chapter I will remain valid for the Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2014.


Eligibility for 2014

Returning 2013 teams
Graduated team members can participate in 2014, provided:
- They were in the original 2013 team.
- Obtain endorsement by the university.
- Team size can be a maximum of 10 members, instead of eight (08) members if Graduates are taking part.

New teams
- Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2013 rules, Chapter I apply.
- Must adhere to eight (08) members per team.
- All members must be still enrolled in the University/School.


Participation in Shell Eco-marathon Americas or Europe
Each team must participate in their region. Exceptions from this rule will be on a very selective basis only and is still under consideration.


2013 Participant goody bags
Teams that were selected in 2013 and had confirmed attendance to the 2013 competition in Kuala Lumpur up until 25 June 2013 will receive their goody bags either directly or through the Shell country representative.