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Can I have more than eight people on my team?

Yes. You will be able to register more team members (faculty advisors and students only) if you have more than eight.  Please keep in mind that free meals and medals (for winning teams) will only be provided for eight team members per vehicle.  Additional meal tickets can be purchased for $100 (covers meals throughout the entire weekend).

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Can we compete in two categories with one vehicle?

No. Each vehicle must compete in one energy category only.

Can I be the faculty advisor for more than one team?

Yes, you can be the faculty advisor for multiple teams if you are planning to bring more than one vehicle.

Do non-team members need to register for the event?

No, the event is free and open to the public. Anyone (parents, sponsors, other teachers, etc.) is welcome to attend and will be treated as a visitor. Spectators are allowed into Cobo Center to see the vehicles, but are not allowed to work on the vehicle(s). They can also watch the competition on the street.

Is the schedule flexible?

If you are concerned about the time required away from class, please note that the competition schedule is very flexible. Your team can come and go whenever you need to.  You won’t be penalized and you are not required to stay for the awards ceremony.

What are the sponsor logo dimensions?

The rules state that "the sponsor stickers must fit within a surface of 400 cm2 (empty space included)." This means that your sponsor's entire sticker, not just their logo, must fit within those dimensions.

Can we purchase a hydrogen tank?

We do not have hydrogen tanks available for purchase, but provide them to the teams at the event. You may contact AirGas if you’re interested in purchasing one.

Where can we purchase E100 gas?

Teams can purchase E100 from high performance race shops located throughout the U.S. A “GOOGLE” search should assist. Some caution though, most shops sell in 5 gals. or more, and the Ethanol is not pure (E100).

Pure Ethanol is controlled by the state since it is considered drinkable. What they will be selling is denatured ethanol which is about 95-99% ethanol and the balance in gasoline makes the fuel non-drinkable; more

How can I test the effectiveness of my vehicle’s horn?

Please ensure that the horn selected meets the criteria in the R&R’s. During vehicle inspections at the event, the effectiveness of your horn will be verified by the Organizers using the following method:

  1. Make sure your Sound Pressure Meter frequency weighting is switched to “A”, and the time weighting is switched to “Fast”.
  2. On the Prototype vehicles, make sure all covers or main canopy are attached.
  3. Place the sound pressure meter on a stand, 0.5 meters above the ground from a concrete or asphalt surface; average parking lot should suffice.
  4. The stand should be positioned 4.0 meters from the front of the vehicle.
  5. Engage the horn button for 2.0 seconds; observe the meter to ensure the sound pressure level (SPL) is equal to or greater than 85 decibels dB(A).

What kind of racing suit does our driver need to wear?

Here is an example for your reference. The suit does not have to be one piece; can be jacket and pants (2 piece).  A fire retardant suit is highly recommended, but is not required. Please note, a racing style suit verses street clothes is required, and the suit is to fit the driver in a proper manner. For example, no oversize or excessive bagginess will be accepted.