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Shell Eco-marathon Americas will take place in Detroit, Michigan, from April 9-12, 2015. If you are from a participant team or wish join the competition find out all you need to know to get started.

Get ready for Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2015

Important information

Read all important information about Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2015 and learn more about the rules, logistics and other relevant topics you need to know before the competition.

Engagement opportunities

See different student engagement opportunities at Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2015: from a visit to the Henry Ford Museum to the Mobility Roundtable. Find out more and register now!

Registration Details and Deadlines

The registration process for Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2015 will consist of four phases. You will find the timing and details for each phase outlined below.

We're moving to Detroit!

When Shell first announced that Shell Eco-marathon Americas was going to Detroit, I was apprehensive. But it's impressive how much revitalization is taking place in downtown Detroit! The new course will definitely be a new challenge for all the teams! So I hope that all the teams design and build good, strong, durable cars to power up the hills and fly down the other side! ZOOM! ZOOM!

Bob Neisen, Mater Dei High School

Bob Neisen at Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2014

"I was skeptical about Shell Eco-marathon Americas hosting an event in what has recently been described as a problematic city. But our visit, and the hospitality that was given to the advisory committee, made a believer out of me. I think Bruce Schultz said it all when taking us on the tour: 'Detroit is back! And seeing is believing'."

Ricky Lewis, James B. Dudley High School


Ricky Lewis at Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2014