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Lubricants play a key role in improving the fuel efficiency of a vehicle. They cool, protect and clean the engine to keep it running at its optimum performance. By reducing friction and minimising wear or deposit build up, lubricants ensure the engine does not have to work too hard and that less fuel is used to keep it running.

The Tribology Off-track Award recognises your team for your deliberate efforts in using the right lubricant for the right application in your vehicle.

Find out more about Tribology at Shell, download the toolkits and learn how to apply to the Tribology Award.

What is Tribology?

Welcome to the world of Tribology!

Tribology is the science behind lubrication, friction and wear. It is a very important discipline that allows us to improve fuel efficiency results in a vehicle today through the use of lubricants.

When looking into using lubrication engineering principles in your vehicle to improve your fuel efficiency result on track, make sure you think about where Tribology can make a difference.

Where does tribology make a difference?