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2015 Global Rules

The Shell Eco-marathon 2015 Official Rules Chapter 1 are now available. This document is applicaple to the competition in all three regions: Asia, Americas and Europe.

The rules have again been updated to increase the technical challenges and the opportunities to discover and explore new technologies, as well as to increase the safety standards of the competition. The 2015 season will also bring a new energy type: Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

We have continued to add the "Shell Eco-marathon Tech Tips" videos to the Rules. In those videos, our technical experts provide hints and helpful comments to some of the frequently asked and most challenging topics.

But please ensure that you read and understand  the entire document thoroughly. And good luck to all teams!

Do you need more information?

You should read these Official Rules thoroughly and completely. If you have questions, you may direct them to Shell Eco-marathon organisers in your region:

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