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Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2014: Drive around the equator with 12.5 litres of fuel

After months of preparation, 198 teams from 27 countries gave everything they had in three days of competition on a Rotterdam street circuit. Four circuit records were set.

The student teams from Europe and beyond competed with cars they had designed and built themselves on the challenging street circuit in Rotterdam. Awards are given to the teams who can drive the furthest on the equivalent of 1 kWh or 1 litre of fuel.

In the Prototype category, persistent winners Microjoule – La Joliverie from France broke their previous track record with a result of 3,314.9 km/l, an improvement of 11 percent. “It was a beautiful week with beautiful weather. The team and car were at their peak,”says team leader Mickaël Fardeau.

In the UrbanConcept category, team Lycee Louis Delage from France achieved a new Rotterdam track record with 468.8 km in the gasoline category (an improvement of 73.1 km per litre from last year). Team Schluckspecht from University Of Applied Sciences Offenburg from Germany beat their 2013 track record with 389 km in the diesel category. In the hydrogen fuel cell category team La Joliverie Polytech Nantes improved their track record with 150.5 km.

“This was the best edition ever,” says Norman Koch, Technical Director, Shell Eco-marathon. “The weather conditions were close to perfect, teams were more experienced and very well prepared: this meant some achieved remarkable results. We hope these innovations make their way into everyday vehicles one day.”

One standout innovation was shown by Team AERO@UBI from Portugal who managed to build a car that had no steering wheel but was instead steered by the driver’s body movement.

Over 40,000 visitors during over four days witnessed the extraordinary achievements of the students and their vehicles, while taking a glimpse into the future of transport and energy at Shell Energy Lab.

Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2014 On-track Awards

Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2014 On-track Awards
Race Nr. Prototype category Winner Result
1 Shell FuelSave Gasoline Prize La Joliverie – Lycee Saint-Joseph La Joliverie (FR) 3,314.9 km/l
9 Shell FuelSave Diesel Prize IUT GMP Valenciennes – I.U.T Valenciennes (SPA) 1,300.1 km/l
201 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Prize H2A – Hogeschool Van Amsterdam (NL) 428.5 km/kWh
304 Battery-electric Prize TERA TU Graz – T.U. Graz (AUT) 1,091.6 km/kWh
2 Alternative Fuel Prize
(E100 + GTL)
SA de Toulouse – Universite Paul Sabatier Toulouse (FR) 2,757.2 km/l
Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2014 On-track Awards
Race Nr. UrbanConcept category Winner Result
503 Shell FuelSave Gasoline Prize Lycee Louis Delage – Lycee Louis Delage (FR) 468.8 km/l
504 Shell FuelSave Diesel Prize Schluckspecht – University Of Applied Sciences Offenberg (GR) 389.0 km/l
601 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Prize La Joliverie Polytech Nantes – Polytech Nantes (FR) 150.5 km/kWh
701 Battery Electric Prize
Electricar Solution – Lycee Des Metriers De L Energie Arles (FR) 312.1 km/kWh
501 Alternative Fuel Prize
(E100 + GTL)
DTU Roadrunners – Technical University Of Denmark (DN) 599.0 km/l 

Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2014 Off-Track Awards

Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2014 Off-Track Awards
Race Nr. Team Award
504 Schluckspecht (GR) Shell Helix Tribology Award
306 Eco Motion Team by ESSTIN (FR) Safety Award First place
3 GAMF (HU) Technical Innovation Award
332 Kandó Electric (HU) Design Award
203 H2politO - molecole da corsa (IT) Communication Award
71 SCB-MADI – Madi (RUS) Perseverance And Spirit Of The Event Award