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Partners in innovation

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HP - opens in new window

Hewlett Packard (HP) provides IT consultancy, insight and support for Shell Eco-marathon across a full range of competencies, including; live data analytics, consumer interface applications, hardware and network solutions. Hewlett Packard also offers students the use of a HP Mobility Centre situated in the Paddock at each Shell Eco-marathon event.

Linde - opens in new window

A long-standing partner of Shell Eco-marathon – Linde Group supplies hydrogen and natural gas solutions (H2 and CNG) to teams participating at the global events. Linde Group supports the students by ensuring a technical specialist is available onsite, offering expert advice and practical support around the safe and efficient use of hydrogen and CNG at all Shell Eco-marathon events.

MICHELIN - opens in new window

Michelin has been supplying teams at Shell Eco-marathon with extremely energy efficient tyres since 1984. Today Michelin engineers are also providing technical know-how and guidance onsite and also during 'tyre week' - a new online support programme designed exclusively for the students. This special collaboration helps the participants, whilst championing sustainable mobility.

SWRI Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) - opens in new window

Southwest Research Institute® (SwRI®) provides research, development, and testing to the automotive, fuels, and lubricants industries. SwRI, a premier applied R&D organization, is located in San Antonio, Texas, USA and occupies more than 1,200 acres, providing more than 2 million square feet of laboratories, test facilities, workshops, and offices for nearly 2,800 employees. We seek the brightest minds to solve our clients’ toughest challenges.

Local partners in innovation

Port of Rotterdam - opens in new window

All kinds of things are transported through the port of Rotterdam every day. Have someone take a picture of you in a cool setting at ‘De Haven In’ (into the port) during Shell Energy Lab, stand next to the harbourmaster of Rotterdam, lift a block of concrete from 'Maasvlakte 2' with only one finger, or dance between the containers like a giant. Share your excitement with your friends through your own Facebook page!

City of Rotterdam - opens in new window

We are proud to present this European event in our city and would like to have all Rotterdam students get acquainted with science, technology and sustainability. After all, choosing to study technology means choosing a future with excellent career prospects.

GeoFort - opens in new window

GeoFort is an exciting fortress island that's all about finding out where you are. Step into a brand new lift in the Energy Lab that bores straight through the earth's surface. Hold on tight, it's is a rough journey! The deeper you get, the hotter it gets. Along the way, you'll see many layers of the earth: salt, sand, gas, pit coal, diamond and magma. Will you be able to pierce through to the iron core of the earth, a depth of more than 6,000 kilometers?

Youtech - opens in new window

The YouTech magazine and website are crammed with exciting interviews, fun experiments and bits of news on games, film and gadgets. Did you know you can operate a computer using any object that conducts electricity? A copper wire, banana or even salt water - anything goes. Discover this and more at YouTech at the Energy Lab.

ANWB (Royal Dutch Touring Club) - opens in new window

Safety is of utmost importance during the Shell Eco-marathon. The cars are tested extensively by the ANWB, but safety on the road is essential, too. ANWB employees keep an eye on road safety. In the Energy Lab, you can talk to each other using ANWB emergency telephones.

Museum Boerhaave - opens in new window

Surprises galore in Museum Boerhaave. Mount the wrong gear wheel onto the magnet wall and the entire system will block up. The marble alley is a much safer place, but it is still difficult to make a long, fast run. You can also put five devices in motion with the press of only one button. Learn all about the fun and convenient side of technology.

ACE - opens in new window

Want to find out what Dutch courses can teach you and what you can learn to do in terms of designing, inventing and building cars? Then visit ACE. From how a modern engine functions and the system that prevents tyres from blocking when you hit the brake to cars that drive without a driver and a 3D printer that produces car parts - you'll find this and more.

NEMO - opens in new window

NEMO is introducing a new exhibition called 'The Wonders of Science’. This exhibition was first displayed in the Energy Lab 2014 in Rotterdam. Ever wonder if a stone can float? The effect of a prism? Visit this new exhibition and enter a world where nothing is quite what it seems.

Maxon Motor - opens in new window

At Shell Eco-marathon it’s all about fun, movement and technology. Motors from Maxon Motor Benelux drive many cars on the racetrack outside Ahoy and in the Shell Energy Lab you can race yourself @the maxon racetrack. You can make and test your own boat in the worklab, let Professor Max explain and show how motors work and learn all about robot soccer. Fun with movement and technology!