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The winners were selected by a jury of nine distinguished judges, all experts in their respective fields.

Communication Award

203 H2 PolitO – Politecnico di Torino, Italy

The judges recognised H2 PolitO for their dedicated communications team and a strong brand strategy, centered on the call to action “Dare to change”. Their campaign moves beyond their IDRAPegasus Prototype car into everyday life with the road-going UrbanConcept car XAM 2.0.

The judges commended the team for the excellent connection between the Shell Eco-marathon brand and their car. They recognised that the team had worked just hard on their communications as they had on their car, right down to the use of web analytics tools in measuring their year-long campaign online.

Shell Helix Tribology Award

504 Schluckspecht – University of Applied Sciences, Offenburg, Germany

Lubricants help to remove friction from engine surfaces that move together. How they are selected plays an important role in achieving greater fuel efficiency.

With their UrbanConcept car Scluckspecht 4D, the team gave a fine demonstration of co-engineering, in the judges’ words, giving equal weighting to engine design and the choice of lubricant.

The team won applause for a clear understanding of tribological concepts. They developed a mathematical model and applied calculations correctly. Better still, they went the extra mile to explain the rationale behind their choice of oil for minimising friction, building a tribological rig to test their hypothesis, then redesigned engine components to improve efficiency. 

Safety Award

306 Eco Motion Team by ESSTIN – Nancy, France

The Safety Award encourages teams to go beyond the safety measures they build into their cars to strive for safety in the way they work every day. Judges put teams to the test by visiting them unannounced in the paddock.

Visiting Rotterdam with their Protoype car Vir’Volt, Eco Motion stood out for safety both indoors and on the track. The team’s own safety manager organised tasks and responsibilities and even controlled access to the booth where the team worked on the car. While on the track, team members connect in a conference call, advising the driver of track conditions ahead.

The judges were also impressed by the Eco Motion’s written report, which covered all relevant safety topics.

Technical Innovation Award

3 GAMF - Kecskemet College, Hungary

With their petrol-powered Megameter VI Prototype, GAMF designed lightweight components to efficiently absorb pulses of engine torque – or rotational force – that were causing small wheel slippages. The team also built components and materials into the engine to reduce thermal losses.

The judges were also impressed with a driver display developed by the team that presents track position, vehicle speed, energy and system information to allow the driver to make informed decisions about fuel-efficient driving strategies.

Vehicle Design Award

332 Kandó Electric – Hungary

Judges commended Kandó Electric’s Protoype K-Car as having the perfect spirit of a racing car, with every detail well thought through.

The young team impressed judges by designing the car interior with a sound approach to ergonomics that took driver comfort into consideration. They noted the K-Car’s quality was some way ahead of its competition.

Perseverance and Spirit of the Event Award

71 Team SCB-MADI - Moscow, Russia

The team drove from Moscow for 36 hours to Rotterdam, a distance of 2,600 km. On the way their spare engine was confiscated by customs in Belarus. On arriving, the crankshaft of their MADleco-2 Prototype car broke. This part, which converts piston power to drive the wheels, is usually impossible to mend. But the team managed to fix it and complete one run before the competition ended, for which they were given the Perseverance and Spirit of the Event award.

Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2014 - Rotterdam at sunset