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2013 Shell Eco-marathon Europe Highlights

Check out some of the highlights and most interesting stories from Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2013 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Day five

Day five wrap-up

Five new records as the competition ends.

Off-track awards 2013

Off the track teams picked up awards in nine categories for aspects such as design, safety and team spirit.

It’s all still to play for

The sun is shining as competition hots up on the final day.

Day four

Day four wrap-up

Three new records on the first dry day of competition!

Meet Joules the energy hamster

A human hamster ball challenges visitors to put their energy-generating powers to the test.

Going to extreme lengths

Get a glimpse of how record-breaking energy efficiency is made possible.

Edging closer to cars of tomorrow

UrbanConcept favourites Cityjoule live up to expectations, while others showcase unique features.

Day three

Day three wrap-up

Students break an UrbanConcept record, while the Prototype leader board is full of surprises.

A whole new world

Around 16,000 visitors have experienced Shell Energy Lab, where a giant globe glows with data on energy, water and food.

Secrets of success

A new record and innovative tactics to challenge established winners.

No pain, no gain!

Students surmount surprising new challenges as competition starts.

Day two

Day two wrap-up

Extreme innovation was displayed in the cars at the Ahoy – though only some made it on to the track.

Lessons for life

Rain keeps Prototype cars from the track – but students learn from the event all year round.

Come rain or shine

Day two opens with practice sessions for the UrbanConcept cars and - weather permitting – the Prototype vehicles.

Day One

Day one wrap-up

Day one is coming to end at Shell Eco-marathon Europe, with 59 teams passing the technical inspection. Others are battling to find solutions to last-minute obstacles.

The moment of truth

The hopes and hard work of each team are put to their first test at the technical inspection.

Let the innovation games begin

The teams have arrived, the cars are assembled and five days of excitement lie ahead in this amazing energy-efficiency marathon.


Top fuel-saving tips from Turkish teams

A Turkish celebrity picked up energy-saving tips from Shell Eco-marathon students as he competes to drive the further on the least fuel.

Driving sustainability forward

A flat-packed, wooden car from Team Aston University, UK, tests the limits of sustainable car design.

Computers take the wheel

Green Team Twente from the Netherlands has designed an autopilot to calculate the most efficient driving speed for their car.

Fit for the road

Florian Deutscher inspired team proTRon from Hochschule Trier, Germany, to obtain a licence to drive on the road – and is now preparing their car to run on solar.

Winning formula? New car, new category

Polyjoule team, Nantes, France (Includes students from Polytech Nantes and the Joliverie secondary school): A successful team takes on a new category with a new car designed from the ground up.

A car for all fuels?

This year Dutch students from Hogeschool Inholland will be taking part in two sustainable driving challenges. With their unique car, they will compete at one event powered by wind and, for their time at Shell Eco-marathon Europe, on biofuel.

Sneak peek into 2013

Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2013 is coming back to the streets of Rotterdam from 15th to 19th May. Watch the video and start getting ready for the challenge.

Dutch student teams apply for official licence plate

Students from two universities in the Netherlands are trying to get official licence plates to their energy-efficient cars.

Fuel efficiency returns to the streets of Rotterdam

Driving from Rotterdam to Moscow on one litre of fuel may seem like an impossible task, but it isn’t.