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Road to Rotterdam

Coming back with a bang

Microjoule team - Shell Eco-marathon 2014

Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2014

Champions of extreme fuel efficiency

Shell Eco-marathon Europe

Official countdown begins!

A unique competition brings together around 200 teams and 3,000 students from across Europe to battle for ultra energy efficiency on the road. The event also features the Shell Energy Lab, packed with attractions around innovation and the future of energy. Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2014 will take place from 15-18 May in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. See all the event updates!


Rotterdam 2014


Get ready for the event in 2014 and see the 2013 highlights.

Location: Rotterdam

The Ahoy arena in Rotterdam is the ideal location for Shell Eco-marathon competitors and energy-interested visitors to come together.



See the Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2013 results by category, energy type or team.