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SKF manufacturer of bearings

You may have heard of SKF as a manufacturer of bearings, but their knowledge extends to sealing, lubrication systems, mechatronics and service technologies. As The Knowledge Engineering Company, SKF would like to offer participants free access to their engineering experience and products as you design your vehicle. Contact SKF as follows:

  • US: Engineering Hotline at 1-888-SKF-2000 or askengineeringHotline@SKF.com  
  • Canada: Contact Cheryl Ramos at cheryl.ramos@skf.com  
  • Introduce yourself as a participant in Shell Eco-marathon and SKF will be glad to assist you in making your vehicle as competitive as possible.

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)

Southwest Research Institute

While students are making final adjustments to their vehicles at this year’s Shell Eco-marathon Americas, the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), along with the competition’s technical team, are guiding students as they solve technical issues, so the vehicles will perform at their best when rubber meets the road.  

SwRI, a research and engineering institute that employs more than 3,200 people, isn’t only going to provide technical guidance; the non-profit organization will also introduce students to career opportunities at SwRI.  

Shell, once again, asked SwRI to join the competition’s technical team to provide input and help measure the energy efficiency of electric vehicles.

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