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Laval University Faces Engine Trouble, Focuses on Win in 2013

The Prototype class winner of the last three years, Laval University, returned to Shell Eco-marathon Americas this year with an entirely new look.
Laval University on the track at Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2012

Laval University on the track at Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2012 on Sunday, April 1, in downtown Houston.

In previous years, Laval made slight modifications to an existing Prototype model.  

This year, the team decided to increase the car’s aerodynamics by replacing the outer shell, creating a wider and lighter model. Everything on Laval’s 2012 car was new, except the engine, which was fueled by gasoline. The team completed the car in Canada, but due to winter weather, Laval was unable to test the car until they arrived in Houston just before the event.

While Laval’s record is impressive and this year’s car successfully passed technical inspection, the team encountered engine problems on the track and was unable to complete a full run. Many Shell Eco-marathon Americas teams face adversity before and during competition each year, and Laval will now focus on using their new wider, lighter Prototype model with a stronger engine in 2013.

"This part of the learning is hard," said Philippe Bouchard. "No matter if we’ve had some success, we realize how strong we are based on how we get up after a fall."