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More than a paper clip and some chewing gum

The team hopes that their “MacGyver” inspired vehicle will be a contender for the 2012 Design Award.
Mac Daddy was ready for competition

After a successful first year at Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2011, the Wolves on Wheels team from St. Paul’s School in Covington, La., decided to enter four vehicles in the 2012 competition – three more vehicles than last year.

After several months of working hard to complete the vehicles, the team’s UrbanConcept vehicle, “Mac Daddy,” was too heavy and the students were advised to withdraw their vehicle.

Not wanting to give up on all the hard work and sacrifices they had made, the Wolves on Wheels team put their work into overdrive, working day and night to completely reconstruct their vehicle from a go-kart they had recently purchased online.

In just two short weeks, their UrbanConcept vehicle “Mac Daddy” was ready for competition.