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Louisiana Tech Branches Out

New models, new fuels, new hopes of victory.
La Tech hard-work and innovative designs

The winners of Eco-marathon America’s 2011 UrbanConcept competition, Louisiana Tech returned this year with their record-breaking gasoline vehicle (#504) and three other vehicles.

In an effort to increase their chances and participate in additional categories at this year’s competition, La Tech built a replica of vehicle #504 that runs on diesel, rather than gasoline which powers the original vehicle.

They also arrived this year with a brand new model – a blue, three-wheeled, front-wheel drive vehicle for the Prototype competition. The team depended on a lot of bicycle components to create a unique design – unlike most Prototype vehicles, the motor is located in the front rather than the back. This helped to minimize the area of the vehicle’s front-end to improve its aerodynamics.

La Tech will find out whether their time, hard-work and innovative designs will pay-off once the official competition kicks-off tomorrow.