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The first runs in the Prototype category began at 10 a.m., with students and cars already lined up, each striving to post the day’s highest mileage score. Laval University was the early leader, with a best run of 3,001 miles per gallon equivalent. Mater Dei High School, which  won the Prototype mileage crown last year, was in second with more than 2,300 mpg equivalent. First runs in the UrbanConcept category followed.

The day also saw some challenges. E3, the team from Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina in Brazil, suffered some damage to their vehicle after another team accidentally made contact with them on the track. And, a driver of an UrbanConcept vehicle from James Madison High School flipped while navigating the course, leading to a temporary red flag stoppage on the track. Fortunately both drivers are fine.

Off the track, the Energy Lab was buzzing with activity too. While not in action, many participants and spectators took part in a series of activities showcasing how we can all become more energy efficient. Highlights included the Mpowering mobile recording studio, a salt water car track and the kinetic dance floor.

The final day of Shell Eco-marathon Americas starts at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday, April 7 and is expected to be just as eventful. Stay tuned for more updates!

Watch the recap video from the track in Houston!

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Shell Eco-marathon Americas

The event is open to the public for all three days of the event and accessible (Discovery Green) dawn to dusk.