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Little did shopkeeper Marcus Samuel realise, when he decided to expand his London business, that he was laying the foundations of one of today’s leading energy companies.

The beginnings

How the Samuel family business grew from a shop selling sea shells into a rapidly expanding oil company.

The early 20th century

Shell becomes the world's leading oil company and founds Shell Chemicals to advance its refining business.

Post-war expansion

Oil demand soars and Shell expands dynamically. The super-tanker is born, Shell extends its exploration overseas and forms a partnership with Ferrari.

1960s to the 1980s

Shell Chemicals enters a golden period of research, produces its General Business Principles and diversifies its staff.

1980s to the new millennium

Shell grows through acquisition and, in 2005, unifies Royal Dutch and Shell Transport under the title Royal Dutch Shell plc.

History of the Shell logo

For more than 100 years our logo, the Pecten, has identified the Shell brand and promoted our corporate reputation.

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Shell's race history
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