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Speeches and webcasts

Climate change podcasts

In the context of the international debate on climate change and the UNFCCC COP 15 meeting in Copenhagen, Shell has partnered with Earthsky to share our perspective on the issue.

EarthSky has partnerships with over 1,700 radio broadcasters in 167 countries, bringing the voice of science to people around the world.

In this podcast series Shell experts share their views on CO2 management, advocacy, the role of the markets and industry.


John Barry, VP Unconventionals and EOR

John considers what should be done now to tackle greenhouse gases:
“We must start managing the CO2 emissions from power stations, refineries and steel plants.”


Roxanne Decyk, Executive VP, Global Government Relations

Concerning the different roles in tackling climate change, Roxanne says:
“Industry needs to be able to provide expertise. And then government needs to step in with solid regulatory frameworks so that we have clear signals on where we can invest to provide good solutions.”


David Hone, Group Climate Change Advisor

David discusses climate change and the future:
“With some clear thinking, with some good structure, and international agreement, we can actually shape a different energy future.”


The series is being aired on public radio stations between October 2009 and January 2010.

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