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2011 Shell Sustainability Report

Shell today published its Sustainability Report for 2011, which details how sustainable development helps it to deliver energy to meet the world’s growing energy demand in a responsible way.
2011 Sustainability Report cover

The report covers Shell’s environmental and social performance for the year and outlines its contribution towards building a sustainable energy future. Shell’s responsible approach includes investing steadily in natural gas resources and continued investment in technology and innovation to help it to deliver this energy.

Shell is producing more cleaner-burning natural gas, producing low-CO2 biofuel, helping to develop carbon capture and storage technologies, and working to improve its own energy efficiency. Shell is also offering its customers more advanced fuels and lubricants that help save energy.

“At Shell we believe that responsibly delivering cleaner, more reliable and affordable energy is the best contribution we can make today to a more stable world where economies can thrive,” says Shell Chief Executive Officer Peter Voser in his introduction to the report.

The 2011 Shell Sustainability Report also focuses on the rigorous safety standards and practices we have developed over many years that allow us to operate responsibly in a range of challenging environments.


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