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An impressive seven new records set at the Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2009

Lausitz, Germany, 09 May 2009 - The 25th edition of the Shell Eco-marathon Europe has seen a groundbreaking total of seven new records set over the course of the three day event, two of which were beaten the very next day. The records were set in: internal combustion Prototype; internal combustion UrbanConcept overall fuel consumption; lowest CO2 emissions UrbanConcept, and solar energy.
  • Several longstanding records smashed
  • Five of the new records stand
  • Two new records set and subsequently bettered

Prominent among the record-breaking teams at this year’s event was the Microjoule team from St Joseph La Joliverie from Nantes, in France, whose internal combustion Prototype vehicle broke the longstanding record 3,410km—set by a team from the same school five years earlier— by stretching the lead by an additional 172 kilometres. Clearly not content with their fresh record of 3,582km, they smashed it later in the evening by a whopping further 189 kilometres, for a groundbreaking total distance of 3,771km run on a litre of fuel. Another French team, the ProductTeam from the Lycée Louis Pasquet in Arles, completed an amazing 644 kilometres on a single kilowatt-hour of energy, only to top that with 665km/Kwh hours later.

The five standing records established during the event were (previous records follow in parentheses):

  • Microjoule, St Joseph La Joliverie, 3,771km/l (3,582km/l 2009; 3,410km/l 2005), IC Prototype
  • ProductTeam, Lycée Louis Pasquet, 665km/Kwh (644km/Kwh 2009, 570km/Kwh 2008), Solar
  • Team NTNU, Norges Tekiske og Naturvitenskapelige Universitet, Norway, 1,246km/l, best overall UrbanConcept fuel consumption  (848km/l 2008)
  • FL Smith Roadrunners, Technical University of Denmark, 589km/l in an internal combustion UrbanConcept (306km/l 2007)
  • Team NTNU, Norges Tekiske og Naturvitenskapelige Universitet, 2.6g/km, lowest CO2 emissions for UrbanConcept (6.15g/km 2008)

Commenting on the records set this year, Vincent Tertois, Technical Director, said: “The number of records set is a testimony to the students’ hard work and the evolution we’ve witnessed in the vehicles this year. The impressive extent to which some of the records have been stretched may have to do with the new track, and the propitious weather conditions the team experienced”.

Shell Eco-marathon Global Manager Mark Singer, said: “This was a great first year for us in Germany: not only did the students set several impressive fuel-efficiency records, but they, our volunteers and sponsors all contributed energetically to bringing the Shell Eco-marathon to a different part of Europe. We’re looking forward to making 2010 as successful as this year’s event!”

Winners in the different categories are as follows:

Rank Number Institution Engine
1 1 MICROJULE, LPTI St Joseph La Joliverie Nantes Internal combustion
2 204 FL Smith Roadrunners, Technical University of Denmark Fuel cell
3 201 Polyjoule, Polytech’ Nantes Fuel cell
Rank Number Institution Engine
1 402 NTNU, Norges Tekiske og Naturvitenskapelige Universitet Fuel cell
2 401 Hydro Cruisers, Haagse Hoge School/TH Rijswijk Academie voor Engineering, Netherlands Fuel cell
3 306 FL Smith Roadrunners, Technical University of Denmark Internal combustion
Rank Number Institution Engine
1 402 NTNU, Norges Tekiske og Naturvitenskapelige Universitet Fuel cell

About the Shell Eco-marathon
The aim of the Shell Eco-marathon is to inspire young designers and engineers from around the world to develop new approaches to sustainable mobility. The objective is threefold:

  • To encourage and foster innovation and ideas about fuel-efficiency and the future of modern transport
  • To help technical institutions secure talent for their professional technical courses
  • To promote technical careers among young people all over the world

Over the past years, the Shell Eco-marathon has grown into a truly international initiative with events being held both in Europe as well as in the Americas. In 2009, the third edition of the Shell Eco-marathon Americas was held at the California Speedway in Fontana, USA from 15 to 18 April 2009.

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Speech given by Jeroen van der Veer, Chief Executive of Royal Dutch Shell plc, at the Eco-Marathon, Lausitz, Germany, 7 May 2009.