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Perdido is the world’s deepest offshore oil drilling and production platform. Moored in 2,450 metres (8,000 feet) of water in the Gulf of Mexico, Perdido started production in 2010 and opened up a new frontier in deep-water oil and gas recovery.

Perdido - an overview

Perdido in the Gulf of Mexico is one of our most challenging deep-water projects.

Unlocking energy from the deep ocean

An innovative approach and advanced technologies made first oil production possible in ultra deep water at the Perdido project.

Assembling deepest offshore platform

Thousands of people from across the world worked together on the Perdido project to design, build and assemble the world’s deepest offshore oil platform.

Living on a platform

The Perdido platform is the most remote offshore operation in the Gulf of Mexico and home for the men and women who keep production going.

Encounters with deep-sea creatures

As Shell technicians work at extreme depths to recover oil and gas.