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Our Malampaya deep-water gas-to-power project meets about 30% of the Philippines’ energy needs. A second platform, the first to be designed and built in the country, has now started up off the coast of Palawan. It will help maintain this vital indigenous energy supply for years to come.

Read the project press release on our Philippines website  and view photos on Flickr.


Malampaya – a project overview

Read key facts about the deep-water project meeting up to 30% of the Philippines’ energy needs, and find out about our environmental and social programmes.

Infographic: a self-installing platform - opens in new window

See how the Malampaya Phase 3 platform – as heavy as 7,500 family cars – was designed to install itself at sea, and discover key project facts and figures.

Gaining skills for a better life

Bayani Bayta was one of many unemployed young adults in the Philippines who have escaped life in the fields for the dream of skilled employment.

Biting back against malaria

Find out how the Movement Against Malaria, a programme supported by Shell, is helping protect thousands of people in the Philippines from potentially deadly mosquito bites.