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Our first deep-water project in Malaysia uses Shell’s advanced technology to safely produce and pipe oil from the Gumusut-Kakap field beneath seas 1,200 metres (3,900 feet) deep. With an annual peak oil production of around 135,000 barrels a day, the platform contributes up to 25% of Malaysia’s oil output.

Gumusut-Kakap was built entirely in Malaysia, allowing Shell to share its decades of deep-water expertise to boost local companies and help in the government’s aim to create an offshore industry hub in the country. Read the project press release and see photos on Flickr


Gumusut-Kakap – a project overview

See key facts, a brief project history, and learn how Shell has been contributing in Malaysia through environmental and social programmes.

Deeper and smarter for Asia’s future energy

Discover heavy-lifting in a new dimension and how Gumusut-Kakap’s advanced Smart Fields technology is safely unlocking energy resources in deep water.

Gumusut-Kakap in numbers - opens in new window

Discover an engineering masterpiece in numbers, weighing as much as 30,000 family cars and built using nearly 700 kilometres of steel tubes.

Learning to drill deeper and more safely

In Malaysia, we are training engineers to drill wells to the highest safety standards, as we do at three other specialised centres around the world.