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Unlocking energy from ultra-deep water off Brazil

Meet the people from the Parque das Conchas project

The Parque das Conchas fields lie in ultra-deep water off Brazil, where a constant swell, shifting sands and near-freezing seabed temperatures pose huge technical challenges. Several technology firsts have helped to bring the fields on-stream. Read more about the project.

In This Section

Parque das Conchas (BC-10) offshore Brazil is one of our most challenging deep-water projects. Shell has a 73% interest in the project and is the operator.

Breakthrough technology and the innovative use of undersea equipment normally found onshore

Some 5,000 people working on three continents helped develop the Parque das Conchas project. On the way, the company has trained new Brazilian engineers.

Understanding any potential impact on marine life and the fishing industry is vital to producing oil and gas responsibly from the waters off Brazil.